EWeb Results

This custom table built for E Web Results was a fun and interesting project. It measures 8 feet long, 31 inches at the widest point, and stands 33 inches tall. It is made of a 1.75 inch thick piece of black walnut live edge slab.

When speaking with the client during the design of this beautiful table, he asked me if I could machine their log into the middle of the table. "Of course!" I said... knowing my CNC machine was only 19"x19". Certainly could not fit a huge slab to machine the logo in one piece. So, the slab was pre cut at the factory in three pieces.

After the middle slab was machined the next step was to attach all three slabs back together as one piece. A combination of dowels, glue and long screws were used to reassemble the slabs.

The logo was then filled with a clear epoxy with a silver metallic pigment. A LOT of sanding later I had a beautiful custom machined black walnut slab. I then had custom Z legs made for this table. 

The table was finished with three coats of Osmo  Polyx Oil.